Via Crivellino, 44
20081 ABBIATEGRASSO (MI) - Italy
Tel. +39 02 9425 107 - Fax +39 02 9424 0168

A. BARBAGLIA & FIGLI s.r.l., established few years ago but with twenty years long technical and production experience, is specialized in the production of tacks and nails for the footwear industry.
The continuous research of production processes, the strict co-operation with machine manufacturers and the direct contacts with the final users allowed us to assure maximum quality and reliability of our products.

Besides, we have studied and patented a tack that can be curling up easily because it present a single plane of symmetry in way to curl up according to a preferential direction to avoid that the platen of form ruin in a premature way, independently from the level of the strain hardening of the tack.

Our commercial net composed by representatives with warehouse and specialized agents allows us to meet customers' requests with punctuality and promptness and satisfy all specific technical request.

With these certainties we are ready to meet the challenges of third millennium  to consolidate and extend our position on the word markets.